Flooftastic Art!



Contact Info

You can contact us here.

Acceptable Themes

I will not make anything involving violence/harm, scat or vore. Most other things are lovely ^-^

I reserve the right to refuse anything for any reason.

Payment and Refunds

Paypal invoice only. Payment is required upfront and within 48 hours of getting your invoice. Refunds are on a case by case basis, but never for completed work.


I typically announce availability on FA. It's not first come first serve, and I pick characters and topics that interest me.

The style will be based on what feels best for the piece, and I ask that you like my art enough to trust me to get creative, while still remaining true to the character.

I do my best to deliver in a timely manner, but the time frame for completion is variable.

All content, unless otherwise specified, is delivered digitally and will be uploaded to art sites.

No edits after completion, other than to correct things that I may have missed.

Post Work Permissions

Feel free to use comissioned pieces where you like, with credit (for non-profit purposes only.)


How It Works

  1. You contact us for a commission. I evaluate the subject and give a price in these ranges.
  2. If you wish to move forward, you will receive a Paypal invoice.
  3. Once the invoice is paid, you are entered into the queue. You receive files when the work is complete.


  • PFP/avatar20-40 EUR
  • Sketch30-60 EUR
  • Telegram sticker30 EUR
  • Full picture80-170 EUR
  • Comics (per page)200-350 EUR
  • Ref Sheet300 EUR


  • Animated PFP/avatar40-80 EUR
  • Short Animation (1-3 distinct loops)150-450 EUR
  • Long Animation210 EUR per loop/scene